X-ray Scanning Systems

Advancing national defense through our company’s purpose-built, designed, developed, and manufactured large vehicle scanning solutions.


Gantry X-Ray Truck Scanning

Designed to scan large vehicles using X-ray technology.
It allows for comprehensive and detailed inspection of the entire vehicle and its contents.

Mobile X-Ray Truck Scanning

Unique capability to perform X-ray scans of large vehicles on-the-go. With its mobile design, it can be deployed in various locations, such as checkpoints or temporary security installations.

Backscatter X-Ray Scanning 

Utilizes X-ray technology to provide real-time imaging of all types of vehicles and their cargo, even in challenging weather conditions.

X-ray Baggage Screening System

Developed and designed in-house, advanced X-ray technology to ensure enhanced security during luggage and item inspections.

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