Gantry X-Ray Truck Scanning


Enabling fast and reliable vehicle content inspection.

The ability to scan large vehicles with X-ray

Dual-energy imaging for material classification

High image resolution

High penetration capability

Rapid and Accurate Inspection via Innovative X-Ray Truck Scanning System

Technical Properties

To ensure the health and safety of operators and vehicle drivers, necessary radiation and security measures have been implemented.

Additionally, the system can be relocated to another location if required after installation.

Scanning Area Tunnel Dimensions

4.7m x 2.6m (height x width)

X-Ray Source

Dual-energy pulsed linear accelerator

Scanning Speed

20 scans per hour for vehicles with a length of 20m

Power Consumption

≤40 KVA

Operational Temperature

-30°C ~ +50°C*

Startup Time

≤15 minutes

Material Discrimination

IQI – 100 mm %0.8
IQI – 150 mm %1.5
IQI – 200 mm %3.5

Material Penetration

350mm of steel

Power Supply Unit

Provides 10 minutes of operation with a UPS, 24 hours with a generator

Wire Resolution

≥1.2 mm wire resolution

X-Ray Energy Level

6/4 MeV

Operational Humidity

95% relative humidity

Zoom Ratio