Passenger Vehicle Scanning System


Simultaneously, an integrated system with Transmission and Backscatter Scanning Technologies provides the most effective solution in combating smuggling.

Accurate detection of contraband: The integrated scanning system uses two different technologies to detect contraband, making it more accurate than systems that use only one technology.

Efficient scanning: The conveyor transport system allows for automatic scanning, which can save time and resources.

Safe for operators: The system is equipped with radiation precautions and protections to protect the health of operators.

Integrated Scanning System Provides Accurate, Efficient, and Safe Contraband Detection

Technical Properties

Vehicle Size Suitable for Scanning

7m L x 2.5m W x 3m H

Vehicle Scanning Speed

25 Passenger Vehicles Per Hour

Vehicle Carrying Capacity

3500 kg

Transmission Material Penetration

≤ 150 mm Steel

Backscatter Material Penetration

≥ 6 mm Steel

Transmission Spatial Resolution

≥ 3 mm Horizontal / ≥ 4 mm Vertical

Backscatter Spatial Resolution

≥ 10 mm Horizontal / ≥ 10 mm Vertical

Operating Relative Humidity


Operating Temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Backscatter Spatial Resolution

≥ 10 mm Horizontal / ≥ 10 mm Vertical

Transmission Wire Resolution

≥ 1.5 mm Cable Diameter

Backscatter Wire Resolution

≥ 3 mm Cable Diameter

Transmission IQI

15 mm ≤ 2%, 75 mm ≤ 4%, 120 mm ≤ 8%

Backscatter IQI

6 mm Steel / 3 mm Organic